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What Couples Should Choose a Destination Wedding?

Calling All Avoidant Types
Some may say that a destination wedding is an exercise in avoidance: the couple may be dodging pesky family members, avoiding religious conflicts, or just plain evading the spotlight. Whatever the reason, the destination wedding comes in two forms ... the tiny kind, where a few or no guests are invited; and the dream variety, where guests are welcome as long as they are up for the travel. 
If the guests have to pay their own airfare, the number able to attend will dwindle.  Technically, the correct etiquette of a destination wedding or "weddingmoon- calls for invited guests to pay their own airfare, but the couple is supposed to cover their hotel, food and beverages.  If there is not going to be very many guests, often the couple will choose to splurge on the dining immediately following the wedding.  Guests should not stay in the exact same resort as the bride and groom, so that the couple can enjoy their privacy after the wedding.
Executing the Event
The wedding planner"s job is to make the destination wedding a totally stress-free experience. The planner gets the couple to compromise about needs and wants, and reminds the couple what the current exchange rates are, if the budget is a hindrance. The wedding planner should handle all the big and small details, to make it is as stress-free as the couple hoped. Hiring overseas vendors without meeting them is not a big predicament, as the merchants can send you digital photos of their work. They may be able to recommend quality vendors for other needs as well.
Travel associations recommend that the bride makes sure the name used on all her travel documents is the same ... there isn"t time to change the name on the passport and driver's license. The planner should be sure that all marriage license and officiant arrangements are taken care of well in advance in overseas weddings. Many countries and islands require the couple to reside in the country for a certain number of days before the event.
Ideally, you will be able to coordinate with another planner located at or near the wedding destination. The planner can secure the local vendors for you and translate if required.  The local planner can take care of any last minute issues and requests for the couple and guests as well. 
As they say, it"s not the destination that"s important, but the journey. In this case, if the journey involves a stress-free wedding day, all the better for the couple!

By Adam Herschkowitz
Get Wedding Planner Jobs, Contributing Editor

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