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Tips for Planning a Wedding for a Bridezilla

Who ever could imagine that as a wedding planner, you would need to be part event coordinator, part Dr. Phil? But alas, the Bridezilla roams the country, doing her best to throw curveballs into even the finest wedding planner"s way. Chances are, your clients won"t actually be as bad as Bridezillas, but they may have their stressful moments. Don"t worry, there"s a way to resolve any problem the unruly bride-to-be hurls your way. 
  1. First, offer choices, the same way you would with kids. The more decisions you share joint control over, the less finger-pointing at you there will be if something goes wrong. You raise the likelihood that she will take the responsibility rather than blame you.
  2. Frame the negative in terms of options. For example, instead of saying, "The Wynn is not available the first Saturday in June,- you would say, "The Wynn is available the third Saturday in June, or the Luxor is available the first Saturday in June.- Again, you"re giving your client some control over her experience. This will noticeably increase the bride"s satisfaction with the interaction.
  3. Use the word "and- with clients instead of "but.- But basically tells the customer that she is wrong. "I like your wedding dress, but it will really clash with the theme.- But almost always precedes negative information, so the client hardly hears the first part of the sentence; she just hears the bad part at the end. And can be used to connect ideas, even if they are in opposition, so that rapport is created. "I like your wedding dress, and there must be a way to make it work with the theme.- This phrasing is heard differently; the customer hears a voice of cooperation rather than a voice of conflict.
  4. If the client is wishy-washy and giving you a headache because she is the opposite of a Bridezilla, worrying endlessly about not making all of her family and friends happy, give her this quote from Bill Cosby:         

    "I can"t give you the formula for success; I can for failure: Try to please everyone.- This should help her put things in perspective for the big day.
If you follow these steps, you will be able to keep the bride"s madness from rubbing off on you. After it"s all over, you may just have a bride so impressed by your professionalism, you"ll get referrals through her for years to come.

By Neil Whitehall
Get Wedding Planner Jobs, Contributing Editor

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